For the Origin of Free Energy

ヤマネ マコトさんは フリーエネルギーをとても解りやすく解説されている本を書かれています。

そのヤマネ マコトさんのフリーエネルギーについての本 英語版の本が 発売されました!
貴重なご縁をいただき、「For the Origin of Free Energy 」の英文序文を 
ありがたいことに エネルギーの会、主催者にて書かせていただきました。



フリーエネルギーの元は?→ ダークマター 現在暗黒エネルギーと呼ばれているものです。

すべてのエネルギーは光子に集約されることには、とても納得します。地球原初の始まりの時点で、地球構成の為に使われたエネルギーは 全て「光子」から始まると私は理解しています。


This book provides a clarification of “Dark Matter,” “Dark Energy” and “Gravity” obtained as a result of research done for the Origin of Free Energy and explains an integrated hypothesis of four Powers: Electromagnetism Power, Gravity, Strong Power and Weak Force.
It explains the elemental technology of the “free energy device” and the circuit operation of the device that its pioneer developed using the equation identified as the Fundamental Principle of the Free Energy Device.


The book provide us almost complete knowledge of free energy which has been recognized as an important resource on free energy in the world.

That brilliant book impresses even engineers and give them a hope.
One of the very helpful materials is the attached diagram at the end of the book.

What is the root of free energy ?
You can find a clear answer to the above question, when you read this superb book!

I believe that all matters of the universe originated from the photon, and all the energy used in earth composition start from “Photon” at the earth early stage.

Understanding free energy details is not easy for me, but the description of the free energy of Nikola Tesla’s coil and variety of Tesla’s inventions are very evocative. The author reference of Prof. Lisa Randall’s work is indeed enlightening.

Thanks for this great source of knowledge!
I know that Love is Free Energy. Thank you all!



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